Our Philosophy

We get the reviews so you don’t have to. We do the hard work and looking and comparing. You just read our blog and boom!

Our Story

We started as a small start up company like any other. Now we are fortune 10,000 company. That sounds silly, but there are millions of companies and that number is awesome for us.

Meet the Team


Ana McCook

Meet Ana,

She love walks on the beach with her dog Skip. She is one of our loyal researchers and reviews. Getting the latest scope on all the Furnaces and tips for your home. Her favorite part about being a marketer is that you get to be all kinds of careers. Helping people is what Ana does best.

She has 7 kids, single mom, and a dog Skip. She is a super woman.


Eric Teagan

Meet Eric,

Eric loves mini golf on Saturdays with his boyfriend Steven. They have been in a 14 year relationship and going strong. Eric designs our websites and blogs. He is an amazing designer. We love Eric here.


Dwayne Smith

Dwayne is our Sales Director. He makes all the sales happen for our company. We don’t actually sell anything, we make money of Ad links. He is our ad link expert.