How Exercise and Posture Correctors Help Improve Your Posture

Do you want to avoid having spinal curvatures due to your bad posture? Or do you have low self-esteem because you have poor posture? If you do, there are a lot of exercises which can correct your posture. 

There will be some major health issues that you will encounter later on if you continue to have a bad posture. 

Potential for Spinal Curvatures

Having a poor posture can sometimes lead to spinal curvatures. Spinal curvature is a medical condition where there are obvious deviations in the spine. There are three different spinal deviations one may have.  

·         Lordosis- Is the inward curvature of the spine, and is a normal condition for pregnant women.

·         Kyphosis- Is commonly known as the hunch back and it is the curvature of the upper back.

·         Scoliosis- It is the lateral curvature of the spine which is commonly seen in female teenagers. This type of spinal curvature often results from a poor posture.

Aside from these spinal curvatures, poor posture could even result to something more serious.  Having poor posture poses a lot of health threats to the body. 

If you want to avoid these, you must correct your posture now. According to most research, exercise can correct your posture. If you have good posture exercises as part of your treatment regimen, then you can achieve the following benefits:

·         There is a higher possibility that you can prevent any health issues caused by improper posture.  Scoliosis is a condition that a lot of health care providers suggest can be helped by engaging in corrective exercises. Instead of using braces to correct the curvature, one can engage to swimming exercises as a form of treatment if the condition is not very severe yet. 

·         The right exercises will help you strengthen stabilizer muscles, specifically your back, neck and shoulder muscles. These stabilizer muscles will help you to hold your back straight, thus maintaining a proper posture.

·         Exercising to correct your posture will also promote good blood circulation to all parts of the body. Even if you’re just having a proper posture, there will be maintenance of good circulation.

·         By utilizing exercise and strengthening in correcting your posture, you may save on health care costs. Others may instead use a brace, but using these devices can be costly. Avoid unnecessary costs by doing daily exercises instead.

Here are some exercises that could correct your posture:

1.      Wall exercise: Stand up straight with your whole back touching the wall. Slowly detach yourself from the wall maintaining proper body alignment.

2.      Abdominal exercises: Lie on your back, bend your knees and place your arms on your chest, curling up your upper body off the floor repeatedly. This will strengthen your back and abdominal muscles.

3.      Oblique muscle exercises: By performing these exercises, your oblique muscles will be strengthened and be developed. This will maintain a proper posture. An example of an oblique exercise is bicycle crunches.

4.      Swimming exercises:  It is proven that swimming can not only correct muscle imbalance problems, but they also help with correcting your posture.

5.      Back strengthening: There are a variety of back strengthening exercises to help improve your posture. Examples include working with dumbbells and doing various types of rowing movements or simple bodyweight movements such as back extensions.

By doing the right types of exercises and being consistent, posture can be improved. Utilize a wide variety of exercises to help straighten the back muscles, lift the shoulders and improve posture.

Posture Corrector and upper back braces are great ways to support your back while you are exercising. They provide necessary support that you can not get on your own.

When you combine both exercise and posture corrector you recover faster and better than ever before!